Welcome to Boliden´s Sustainability Index 2019


Boliden is a listed metals company with focus on sustainable development. Boliden’s core competence is within the fields of exploration, mining, smelting and metals recycling. We operate six mining units and five smelters in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Ireland. 


This index is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) Standards and it also constitutes Boliden’s Communication on Progress (COP) in relation to the UN Global Compact’s ten principles as well as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Circular economy with battery recycling
Watch our film about Boliden’s recycling of used lead-acid batteries from 4 million car batteries every year  
Deep underground repository waste storage
Watch our film about the unique underground repository, 300 meters under the smelter at Boliden Rönnskär  
Economic Performance
Learn more about job creation, economic impact and ethical behavior in the Economic Performance section  
Environmental Performance
Learn more about energy, climate, material efficiency and other environmental topics in the ­Environmental Performance section  
Social Performance
Learn more about working con­ditions, human rights, and community relations in the Social Performance section