Sustainability Topic: Business partner environmental, social and governance (ESG) assessment

Business partners are expected to follow Boliden’s Business Partner Code of Conduct. This Code reflects the same requirements that Boliden has on itself.

Business partners shall ensure that all legally required taxes, fees and royalties related to mineral extraction, trade and export are paid to governments. This undertaking includes ensuring that such payments are disclosed in accordance with the principles set forth under the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI). The EITI requirements are used in Boliden’s assessment of business partners.

308–1 Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria

Boliden has identified both environmental and social topics as material sustainability topics. The integrated handling of these in Boliden’s evaluation of business partners processes is further explained in the GRI 414 section of this report.

102–10 & 308-1 & 414–1New suppliers screened using social criteria

Boliden’s significant ESG risks in the supply chain are identified in its raw materials supply. There were no significant changes to the organization or its supply chain in 2021. In total, 83% (88%) of all new raw material suppliers (new = no previous transaction with Boliden) and customers managed by Boliden Smelters were evaluated during 2021.

In the fields of logistics, products and services, 100% (62%) of new contracted suppliers (new = no previous contract with Boliden) with a spend over SEK 1 million were evaluated between December 2020 and November 2021.


Case story:

Responsible raw material sourcing

Boliden’s vision to be the most climate friendly and respected metals provider has a broad meaning. To be a respected metal provider, Boliden is committed to ensure the responsible sourcing of metals.

Nickel and copper are metals needed in the transition to climate friendly energy solutions. To ­ensure the responsible production of raw materials, ­Boliden has a robust sourcing process that is based on the five-step framework in the OECD Guidelines for ­Multinational Enterprises.

The process for the responsible sourcing of raw materials is guided by Boliden’s Business Partner Code of Conduct. The Business Partner Code of Conduct helps Boliden to define risks to people and the environment connected to its supply chain.

One of the most important parts of the engagement with suppliers is to prevent and mitigate risks. This is achieved in close dialogue with suppliers of mineral raw materials, through on-line meetings, site-visits and the engagement of independent and external expertise.

For independency, external expertise is sometimes used to provide consultation in the counterpart’s compliance program and human rights management.

Boliden encourages responsible behavior by its business partners throughout the supply chain.