Sustainability Topic: Strategic partnerships

Create positive financial, environmental and social impact through Boliden’s business relations.


Rapid global development has led to an increased demand for raw materials such as minerals and metals, which is a trend that has also benefited Boliden. However, as there are economic, environmental and social challenges related to the extraction of minerals and metals, it is important to collaborate with business partners to ensure high-quality suppliers. Boliden works closely with strategic partners and expects them to follow the same sustainability practices and to contribute to develop Boliden’s sustainability efforts. Boliden’s strategic suppliers are expected to contribute to promoting safety, reducing environmental impact, and contributing to productivity.

There are several examples of how Boliden works in cooperation with suppliers – including strategically implementing digital applications to remotely monitor the condition of mines and mineral processing plants. Digital applications can partly allow Boliden to safely overcome human touchpoints and travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and respond to increased demand for automation systems and platforms. Data-driven decision-making leads to smarter mine operations that maximize resource efficiency. This can be seen at the world’s most advanced and integrated mine at Boliden Garpenberg in Sweden. The mine’s control solution is the “brain” behind the automated mine, collecting data from Garpenberg’s 400+ electric motors, 280 variable speed drives and two massive hoists. Its operators and engineers, stationed at 33 different workplaces, are linked to tablet-equipped workers via a wired and wireless communication network installed in the mill and part of the mine. Early engagement between Boliden and technology providers, will continue to be a key.

Other projects where Boliden works in close cooperation with its strategic suppliers include:

1. Green Zink Odda 4.0

2. Electrification and autonomous trucks

3. Fossil free mines

Boliden asks its strategic partners to allocate R&D resources to tackle sustainability challenges and help create the most sustainable mining processes to further improve the company. Focus areas are:

• Health and safety

• CO₂ – reduction

• Energy efficiency

• Electrification

• Automation

• Waste reduction

• Emissions reduction

• Local community support