Principle 7: Boliden should support a precautionary ­approach to environmental challenges.

Boliden’s environmental commitments are based on the ­company’s values and driven by the need to reduce environmental impact. Boliden strives to maximize the environmental benefit in relation to the resources invested. Legal requirements and Boliden’s commitments shall always be met.

Principle 8: Boliden should undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.

Boliden provides metals and related products to achieve the ­environmental goals of modern society, including climate ­ action and efficient energy use. Boliden strives to minimize the use of resources such as land, water and energy. Boliden operates in a manner that reduces the impact on the surrounding communities from active and closed operations. Performance and examples are presented in the Annual and Sustainability Report as well as in this Sustainability Index.

Principle 9: Boliden should encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

Boliden systematically works with continuous improvements and innovations and its operations shall implement and maintain environmental management systems according to ISO 14001.

Boliden strives to effectively reuse and recycle Materials and develop solutions for valuable Materials to find their way back into the economy.

Case Story:

Nature cleans wastewater

The Boliden Tara mine in Ireland was one of the first in the world to successfully demonstrate the potential to remove heavy metals while simultaneously reducing sulfate and nitrogen concentrations through an Integrated Constructed Wetland (or ICW).

“ICW’s mimic natural wetlands but in a confined, monitored and controlled setting,” says Ailish ­McCabe, Environmental Engineer at Boliden Tara. The processes require little or no chemicals and very little maintenance. The pilot scale project has been running for two and a half years.

Constructed wetlands can do more than provide effective water treatment. Over time the ICW develops and the environment provides the ideal conditions, attracting a variety of new species and the area becomes a self-sustaining, biodiverse habitat. Another area attracting a lot of interest is the ability of wetland to potentially sequester carbon and become a carbon sink.

Wetland at Boliden Tara mine in Ireland