Material Topic: Supplier Environmental Assessment

308–1  Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria

Boliden has a systematic approach and established system support for supplier screenings. The process is called CR evaluation of Business Partners and applies to all suppliers who Boliden have an established agreement with and suppliers who are in the process of entering an agreement with Boliden. The tool supports Boliden in the assessment of business partners’ performance under the requirements set forth in Boliden Business Partner Code of Conduct. The environmental criteria is based on the 10 principles of UN Global Compact, ILO- and ISO standards. These are the minimum requirements Boliden expects from business partners.

Boliden’s significant CR risks in the supply chain are identified in our raw materials and concentrates supply. 100% of our new suppliers managed by our Raw material department have been evaluated during 2017. When including all purchasing (suppliers for logistics, products and services) , 59% of all new business partners have been screened during 2017.