Code of Conduct

G4-56 Code of Conduct

We expect our employees to promote our core values by acting responsibly towards colleagues, business associates and society at large, and to keep in mind that they may be regarded as Boliden employees even during their leisure time. The Code of Conduct provides a framework for what Boliden considers to be responsible conduct – it is not exhaustive. Our employees should always strive to exercise good judgement, care and consideration in their work for Boliden.

Boliden, and its employees, shall have a behaviour based on mutual respect. Boliden does not accept any form of harassment, discrimination or other behaviour that colleagues or business associates may regard as threatening or humanly degrading. We shall also ensure that none of the operations controlled by the company lead to the exploitation of children. We never, either directly or indirectly, collaborate with suppliers or customers where we have reason to believe that child labour is used. Employees and Board Members shall not seek to obtain advantages for themselves (or any related persons) that are improper or may harm Boliden’s interests in any other way. Information beyond general business knowledge acquired in their work for Boliden should be regarded confidential and treated as such.

The company shall communicate its financial results and other information affecting the share price in an appropriate and timely manner and shall, in so doing, comply with relevant legislation, stock market contracts and other regulations.

Gifts or other favours to business associates shall comply with locally accepted good business practice. Gifts and other favours may only be given or granted provided that they are modest, both with respect to value and frequency, and provided the time and place are appropriate.

Employees and Board Members shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the antitrust and competition laws, when conducting business on behalf of Boliden.

The Code of Conduct applies to all Boliden employees, including temporary personnel, worldwide, as well as to members of the Board of Directors of Boliden AB and its subsidiaries. Line managers are responsible for making the guidelines known and for promoting and monitoring compliance. Violation of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and may lead to internal disciplinary action, dismissal or even criminal prosecution. Should an improper practice or incident occur within Boliden, the company is committed to making the necessary corrections and will take remedial action to prevent recurrence.