Dialogue and memberships

G4-24/25/27 Dialogue for greater understanding and performance

Boliden’s operations affect many people in a variety of ways, and similarly, these stakeholders have different views and expectations of Boliden. If it is to carry out relevant sustainability work, Boliden must identify and address prioritised issues. By conducting stakeholder dialogues, Boliden meets demands for increased transparency and learns about stakeholders’ demands and expectations in greater detail. In 2013-2014, Boliden mapped and prioritised stakeholders and advanced the level of systematics in the dialogue on material sustainability issues. The Boliden approach to stakeholders is based on a combination of theoretical models and evaluation of the mutual levels of cause, legitimacy and power between Boliden and the stakeholder group.

The stakeholder groups identified as priority groups for engagement on sustainability issues are:

• Employees

• Neighbours

• Investors

• Business partners

• Authorities

Boliden’s framework of stakeholders that raise expectations, influence the perception of our company and are relevant with regard to sustainability performance is, however, wider than that defined by the above stakeholder groups. Dialogue is conducted in different ways with different groups, i.e. bi-annual employee surveys, open house meetings with employees and the neighbouring community, formal and informal meetings with authorities, and capital market days and AGMs.

In 2016, Boliden conducted stakeholder dialogues based on the new sustainability development goals formulated by the United Nations, which came into force at the beginning of the year. The responses from internal stakeholders (employees) confirms that health and safety is the most important issue, followed by the ability to create value by maximizing the metal yield and driving technological developments. External stakeholders (business partners, authorities, future employees) expect to a high degree that Boliden focuses on increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The stakeholder engagement during 2016 has been part of the Corporate Responsibility strategic process, and has not been undertaken specifically as part of the reporting preparation process.

G4-16 Membership of organisations

Boliden participates in industry organisations that can play an important role in the sustainability dialogue on specific issues. These organisations include; the Association of Finnish Steel and Metal, the International Zinc Association (IZA), the International Copper Association (ICA), the European Copper Institute (ECI), the Scandinavian Copper Development Association, SveMin and Euromines.