Boliden’s stakeholder dialogues

Capital markets – Boliden’s main owners and investors

Responsibilities: Boliden’s Investor Relations team is responsible for identifying the owner’s expectations and requirements and for arranging Investor Relations days.

Market – Boliden’s direct customers and raw material suppliers

Responsibilities: Boliden’s marketing and sales department monitors customer requirements and satisfaction, and Boliden Commercial (Boliden Smelters), is responsible for dialogue with direct customers and raw material providers.

Society – various societal actors

Responsibilities: Boliden’s Public Affairs network includes various functions that monitor existing and forthcoming legislation.

Employees – everyone employed by Boliden

Responsibilities: Managers monitor employee expect­ations and requirements through annual staff dialogues, and HR conduct a bi-annual Employee Survey.

Suppliers – providers of indirect material, products and services

Responsibilities: Boliden’s Procurement Group function is responsible for managing suppliers, which are selected based on sustainability, productivity, quality, delivery, price and reliability.

Environment – natural capital and ecosystem services that Boliden impacts

Responsibilities: All Boliden’s units are responsible for minimizing environmental impacts by using the best available environmental technologies and mitigation measures.