About Boliden

Boliden is a metal producer with a focus on sustainable development. The company’s core competence is within the fields of exploration, mining, smelting, and metals recycling. Boliden operates five mining units and five smelter units in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Ireland. Its shares are listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, segment Large Cap.

Boliden and sustainability

Boliden produces metals that make modern society work. The company’s operations are characterized by concern for people, the environment and society. Boliden’s sustainability work is based on its own norms and values, as well as on international guidelines and targets, such as the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Dialogues with internal and external stakeholders ensure that different perspectives are considered.

Sustainability reporting

Boliden uses a risk-based sustainability approach to disclose environmental, social and governance information to its stakeholders. Boliden is assessed periodically on environmental, social, and governance criteria by several responsible investment organizations and analysts. Boliden strives to be as transparent as possible, partaking in ranking and ratings, and sharing information that is relevant to the business. Boliden also conducts an independent assurance of its sustainability performance each year, following the ICMM guidance on assuring and verifying the ICMM membership requirements.