Supplier human rights assessment

Aspect Specific DMA

One way to develop and promote sustainability management within the metals and mining industry is through cooperation with business partners.

All of Boliden’s new agreements with business partners include Boliden Corporate Responsibility Business Guidelines. These guidelines clearly stipulate that the business partner shall act in accordance with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact. Boliden actively communicates the meaning of Boliden’s Corporate Responsibility Business Guidelines to new and existing business partners.

Boliden has about 7,300 suppliers, 200 of these represent 80% of the expenditure. Boliden has conducted reviews of its business partners through the EBP (Evaluation of Business Partners) process since 2010. The EBP process evaluates business partners from a commercial and a sustainability perspective. The EBP work is based on the UN Global Compact and on the ILO and ISO standards in the areas relating to human rights, working and labour conditions, environmental responsibility and systematic environmental work, anti-corruption and, finally, the way in which a company’s own sustainability work is followed up and evaluated.

The evaluation process starts with an online self-assessment that is subsequently followed up and evaluated. A dialogue is established with regard to the potential for improvement identified. In 2016 approximately 76 (115) business partners completed the self-assessment and 5 (3) audits were conducted. No termination of contracts due to human rights screening occured in 2016. The self-assessments and the audits are based on the content of Boliden’s Corporate Responsibility Business Guidelines.

The audits are followed up via reporting on the measures implemented. Working with improvements is a precondition for a continued partnership. The self-assessment forms and Boliden’s CSR criteria are available on Boliden’s website.


HR10 Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using human rights criteria

The protection of human rights is a vital component of Boliden’s Corporate Business Principles, and therefore also a crucial part of the supplier assessment. Boliden cannot currently disclose this information. New routines and systems for supplier screening are being implemented, which means that the information will be presented from 2017 onwards.

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