Labour Practices and Decent Work (LA)

Material aspects on Labour Practices and Decent Work

Occupational health & safety is Boliden’s most important issue as it involves the safety and, ultimately, the life of Boliden’s employees and contractors, and the materiality is obvious in a work environment with inherent risks. Employment, Labour/Management Relations, Training & Education, Diversity & Equal Opportunity and Equal Remuneration are material aspects as they impact Boliden’s ability to attract, retain and develop people.

Boliden faces major retirements, competes for a scarce supply of relevant competences, and is located in rural areas – the ability to offer a work environment dominated by foresight, development and employee care is crucial to the business. Supplier assessment for labour practices is material to Boliden’s ambition to be the first sustainable link in the metal’s value chain. In addition to indicator reporting, please see Annual Report pp. 41–43 to learn more about how Boliden manages, follows up and monitors performance within these aspects.

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