Labour practices grievance mechanisms

Aspect Specific DMA

Effective grievance mechanisms play an important role in remediating impacts for labour practices. All Boliden employees can file grievances via Managers, HR functions or union representatives. Anonymous grievances can also be filed via Boliden’s whistleblower function, which can be accessed by all employees via the intranet, ensuring that they are protected against any form of reprisals. Any grievances filed via these channels are to be dealt with swiftly and according to standardised procedures.

LA16Number of grievances about labour practices filed, addressed, and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms

Boliden’s social responsibility includes ensuring safe and fair working conditions for our employees and at our business partners. Employees and other stakeholders are welcome to contact either the local managers or any of the company functions by a variety of channels, e.g. phone, e-mail and written ­correspondence.

At year-end 2016, 24 formal grievances about Labour practice grievances related to Boliden employees were filed. 14 of them were reported via the whistleblower function. All 24 grievances were addressed and 6 cases were resolved during the reporting period.