Product and service labelling

Aspect Specific DMA

Boliden shall be a world class metals company. This means that Boliden shall be among the leading companies in the industry in terms of customer satisfaction, efficiency and responsibility. Customer satisfaction is measured biannually by surveys among regular customers. Boliden also collects feedback from customers through planned visits and via daily contacts throughout the contract execution process. Complaints are reported and handled systematically across interfaces to smelter units. Customers are engaged in the development of new products and other technical solutions through Boliden’s technical customer support service.


PR3 Type of product and service information required by the organisation’s procedures for product and service information and labelling, and percentage of significant product and service categories subject to such information requirements

Products put on the market by Boliden are labelled in accordance with relevant legislation concerning transportation, storage and use, and are accompanied by the necessary documentation. Written information is available in the form of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). All significant products (100%) are subject to these product declarations, which are updated on a regular basis in line with legislation and new scientific findings. In addition to being distributed to customers, the MSDSs are also available at

The EU chemical legislation (REACH) is implemented as part of the day-to-day operations at all Boliden’s production sites.

Boliden’s environmental performance and the way in which production affects the environment is, furthermore, described in a transparent and detailed manner using common assessment methods and benchmarks.

The following product and service information is required by Boliden’s procedures

Product information









Safe use of product



Disposal of the product





During the reporting period Boliden has continued the work required for inclusion in the LBMA list of recommended gold producers. Companies included on the list take it upon themselves to ensure that the raw material supply chain fulfils a set of ethical criteria. No minerals shall be derived from raw materials that have financed terrorism, been subject to money laundering or are complicit in any other violation of human rights. The compliance report is to be verified by a third party. Boliden employs the services of the accounting firm KPMG AB.


PR5 Results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction

During the reporting year, Boliden conducted a customer survey to find out how Boliden fared within the four key areas of the customer experience. Boliden will continue to measure customer satisfaction and define actions at regular intervals, and will follow up them over time in order to secure performance and further develop capabilities with view to realising our vision of being a world-class metals partner.

The 2016 survey was sent out to 329 customers, covering all product segments and all geographical areas of Boliden’s metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Au, Ag) and sulphuric acid sales. Only customers that had been active during the last 12 month period were approached and the response rate was 39%. The survey investigated the following four key areas:

• offerings

• relations

• administration

• competition comparison

The results showed some improvement of performance in respect to quality, delivery service as well as personal contacts. Actions are set on the basis of the results and the work to improve further continues. This has been the scope for improvements during the reporting period.