Anti-competitive behaviour

SO7 Anti-Competitive behaviour and compliance

Boliden’s Code of Conduct clearly states that employees and Board members shall comply with applicable anti-trust and competition laws. They should refrain from sharing, discussing or disclosing competitive sensitive information when meeting other companies or organisations, and seek advice from the Corporate Legal Office in all matters involving risk of antitrust expose for Boliden and themselves. In 2015, Boliden adopted a new Competition Law policy and Guidelines applicable to all employees to further clarify the rules on anti-competitive behaviour.

E-learning training sessions on the subject have been launched for a selected group of employees in 2015, with follow-up training during the latter part of 2016, and further activities planned for 2017.

Boliden conducts extensive domestic and international operations and is occasionally involved in disputes and legal proceedings arising in the course of its activities. There are no initiated or ongoing legal actions with respect to anti-competitive behaviour or compliance. There are no fines or non-monetary actions, related to anti-competitive behaviour, initiated or pending against Boliden.