Closure planning

MM10 Number and percentage of operations with closure plans

Boliden’s operations involves land use for mining, industrial areas, and ponds for use as sand and clarification ponds. Conservation and reclamation of mining areas which reach the end of their production lifespan is, therefore, part of Boliden’s operations and responsibilities. The goal is to use the best available technology, complemented by continuous monitoring of the work that has been carried out. All of Boliden’s present operations, both mines and smelters, have environmental closure plans which have been approved by the authorities. In 2016, Boliden worked actively on the reclamation of four former mine sites. At the end of 2016, a total of SEK 2,873 million (1,943) had been set aside for the remediation of mining areas and smelters. Additions to existing provisions during the reporting year are primarily attributable to the new environmental permit at Aitik, and the effects of the application of the EU Water directive for the Boliden units in Finland.