MM9 Sites where resettlements took place, the number of households resettled in each, and how their livelihoods were affected in the process

There have been no resettlements of whole villages in Boliden’s corporate history. The latest significant case of resettlement was when the Hötjärn tailings pond in the Boliden Area was being planned (finalised in year 2010). Dialogue was initiated with two permanent residents and two holiday cottage residents, and agreement regarding compensation and practical solutions was reached.

As a rule, Boliden buys properties within the vicinity of the operations as they are put up for sale, and thus few residents are affected once the mine expands in that direction. In cases where a resident feels disturbed by a nearby operation, Boliden offers to buy the property and to compensate for any inconvenience. The aim is always to reach a solution that suits the individual’s needs and makes the residents feel fully compensated.