MM9  Sites where resettlements took place

The closest settlements to the Aitik mine are the villages ­Sakajärvi and Liikavaara, located 1.5 and 3 km respectively to the northeast part of the Aitik pit. The Laurajärvi village is located about 5 km east of the mining area.

The Liikavaara expansion project, which is currently undergoing a permitting process, is located close to the village of Liikavaara and about 1.5 km from both Sakajärvi and Laurajärvi. The Liikavaara project forms part of Aitik’s strategic plan.

Evaluations of safety zones and disturbance zones for vibrations, falling rocks, air impacts, dust and noise have been conducted. The studies concluded that the housing and living environments in Sakajärvi, Liikavaara and parts of Laurajärvi are unacceptable due to the operations in Aitik and the planned Liikavaara project. As a result, around 50 permanent residents of the villages have to move.

Boliden has held dialogues with the people living in the villages and compensation has been offered with two options presented. The first option entails Boliden offering a replacement plot and a new house with similar functionality, while the second entails Boliden purchasing the property, valuing it as if the house was located near to the city of Gällivare and with a 25% bonus. During 2021, agreements have been signed with all residents in the affected villages.

MM10  Number and percentage of operations with closure plans

All of Boliden’s present operations, both mines and smelters, have environmental closure plans, which have been approved by the authorities. In 2021, Boliden worked actively on the reclamation of former mine sites. At the end of 2021, a total of SEK 6,472 (4,837) m was set aside for the reclamation of mining areas and smelters. Additions to existing provisions during the reporting year are primarily attributable due to a reduction of the discount rate by 1.5 percentage points from 2% to 0.5%.

Emergency preparedness – Sector-specific ­disclosure

Communities adjacent to mining operations may be concerned about the hazards and risks that the operations generate. For Boliden, effective emergency management is essential to protect people, the environment, and its operations. Every Business Unit has its own local emergency management plan, including routines for crisis management, which are reviewed and practiced regularly. If risks to external stakeholders are significant, the emergency management plan is prepared in collaboration with potentially affected stakeholders. Boliden’s emergency preparedness procedures have worked satisfactorily and led to the minimization of damage to people, property, and the environment.