Human Rights – part of the ten principles of UN Global Impact

Principle 1: Boliden support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.

Boliden’s own operations are located in countries where the risks of human rights violations are generally low. There are, however, material topics to consider, such as non-discrimination, indigenous rights, and assessment. The majority of Boliden’s human-rights risks are related to the supply chain. Additional focus areas, depending on the nature and geography of the ­supplier, include the freedom of association & collective bargaining, child labor, and forced and compulsory labor. These issues are covered by Boliden’s Supplier Assessment.

Principle 2: Boliden’s code of conduct is designed supported by the UN Declaration on Human Rights and ILO conventions.

Boliden’s social responsibility includes protection of human rights. If human rights are violated in connection with Boliden’s business, any stakeholder is welcome to contact either the local managers or any of the company functions by a variety of ­channels; e.g. phone, e-mail, and written correspondence.

No formal grievances were filed relating to human rights ­impacts on Boliden’s own employees in 2018. No grievances relating to human rights were reported via the whistle blower function.