Social-standard disclosures (GRI400)

Boliden generates value by having top quality operations, processes and products. Employees who are skilled, committed, and who accept personal responsibility are crucial. Boliden offer its employees a safe and inspiring work environment. By acting responsibly towards neighbors, business partners, and other stakeholders, Boliden can maintain a good reputation as a metals company and employer.



Boliden’s target is to have zero accidents resulting in absence from work every month by 2018

Sick Leave

The sick leave rate shall not exceed 3.0% by 2018

Gender equality

Women shall comprise at least 20% of the workforce by 2018

Group Direction beyond 2019

Social Performance 2018The performance is presented in the Annual and Sustainability Reports.

Occupational Health and Safety

Zero accidents (LTI)

Gender Equality

Target 2020: at least 20% proportion of females in total work force

Sick Leave

Sick leave rate below 4.0%